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    Bubble Facial

    Know About The New Age Facial - Bubble Facial Service At Home:

    The element that is necessary for life is oxygen. It makes sense that oxygen is necessary for the health of our skin. And with that, the idea of an oxygen facial or bubble facial is introduced. At Cosmodermago, we want to educate you on the importance of bubble facials and convince you to include them in your repertoire of beauty treatments. These can be easily accessed all you need to call us and we will visit your home to provide you the satisfactory service. 

    A pressurized solution of pure oxygen is administered to the skin to be treated during a bubble facial. This aids in the treatment of numerous skin issues, including fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is considered by many as our skin too needs rejuvenation through oxygen and due to high pollution your skin is unable to breathe properly. Hence you can try it on your own at your home at your time. 

    Bubble Therapy in Your Own House From Experts:

    This therapy uses a hand-held device that washes the skin thoroughly and exfoliates. It aids in skin surface healing and the promotion of skin cell regeneration. In no time at all, you can have smooth, clear skin with a bubble facial in the comfort of your home!

    Expert’s Service At Your Home

    You can rely on our expert with home services. Our highly experienced experts will visit your home at your time to give you the glow that you and your skin want.

    Time Required for Facial:

    Bubble facial service at home generally requires 45 to 60 minutes. So you do not have to worry about the long hours of service.

    Affordable New Age Facial:

    This new-age Korean technology bubble facial is quite affordable with a small investment you can get healthy and breathable skin.

    Renowned and reliable:

    Cosmodermago is highly reliable with our many customers. So you do not have to worry about the safety of your skin.

    Bubble Facial

    Interesting Fact

    Did you know that exfoliating your face two or three times a week is necessary to get rid of dead skin cells? Dead skin cells are eliminated via exfoliation, which also helps the complexion look smoother!

    With Our Home Service, Find Out How This Beauty Can Change Your Skin:

    The professionals will cleanse and exfoliate the targeted skin area prior to beginning the facial. The experts at your home will move a tool that resembles a wand across your face while giving you an oxygen facial. This device will apply oxy capsules and a moisturizing serum to the affected area of the skin. While some facilities provide longer treatments that run longer than an hour, the complete session may only last thirty minutes. 

    The Steps Into A Bubble Facial

    Two-Step Cleaning: Firstly, the skin is cleaned completely with an oil-based and then a water-based cleanser is the first step. By using two different cleaning techniques, contaminants, debris, and makeup can be deeply removed from pores.

    Exfoliation: Secondly the process is followed by exfoliation is the next step, in which dead skin cells are gently removed using a light scrub or chemical exfoliant. This process encourages cell turnover and facilitates improved skincare product absorption.

    Massaging the Face: Afterwards, a soothing facial massage is administered to encourage lymphatic drainage, lessen facial muscle tension, and increase blood circulation. This method promotes calm and helps with detoxification.

    Massaging the Face: Afterwards, a soothing facial massage is administered to encourage lymphatic drainage, lessen facial muscle tension, and increase blood circulation. This method promotes calm and helps with detoxification.

    Use of Ampoule and Serum: Subsequently this stage involves applying high-concentration serums that are brimming with active ingredients to tackle particular skin concerns, such as fine lines or discolouration. Ampoules can also be utilised for rigorous treatment and extra nutrition.

    BUBBLE MASK Deep Clearing Facial Treatment

    Add On Tips

    Use of sun protection and moisturization: Finally, before going outside during the day, moisturisers containing moisturising elements and sunscreen are applied as a last step to seal in all the goodness from earlier processes and shield the skin from damaging UV rays.

    The meticulously selected steps comprise the Bubble facial Korean facial treatment regimen, which aims to accentuate an individual’s inherent attractiveness by enhancing skin tone and encouraging youthful-looking skin.

    Are There Any Side Effects Of Getting Bubble Facial?

    Whether you take bubble facials at home or at the clinic, there’s a chance that your skin will turn somewhat red after the procedure. You may also have a slightly puffed-up face. However, these symptoms are typical and will go away in a day or two. Additionally, there is no pause throughout this facial.  

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    Bubble facial Service first time in India Hurry Up Now !

    Above all, these procedures aim to improve skin over the long term in addition to offering quick fixes. What particular advantages, then, set Korean facials apart? Korean facials work by combining hydration, nourishment, and exfoliation to give you the desired appearance. Have a look at the bubble facial benefits below: 

    Bubble Face Mask

    If you are looking for a Bubble facial near me then Cosmodermago is the Ideal home service for both men and women seeking a facial that includes washing and exfoliation as well as all skin types. Over time, your skin will get much healthier!

    Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin After A Bubble Treatment

    Every kind of skin issue would require a different skincare regimen. The experts will provide you with advice on what to do. 

    • Healthy eating, 
    • Quitting smoking, 
    • Leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Please remember to keep up with the follow-up meetings. 


    Certainly, Delhi has seen a rise in the popularity of Korean face treatments because of its remarkable outcomes and distinctive methods. These procedures not only offer a luxurious and soothing sensation, but they also significantly improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Nothing beats the efficacy of Korean facial treatments when it comes to attaining a glowing complexion suggestive of glass-like clarity. Thus, you should think about getting a Bubble facial treatment at your home from highly experienced experts from Cosmodermago in Delhi if you want to treat yourself to some self-care or if you just want to look amazing.

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